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Pumpkin Event FAQs

Please read the below carefully. If you have any further questions, please ask us as soon as possible.

Once our event begins, we will have limited time to respond.

Is the venue open whilst pumpkin picking is on?

The venue will be closed. There will still be access to the toilets and baby changing facilities.


Is the play lounge open?

No, the play lounge is closed all week.

Where do we park?

We will have car park attendants showing you where to park.

What shall we wear?

The good old English weather! Please dress in layers. Wellies and waterproofs are a good idea.


Can we bring a buggy / pram?

Yes, but please bear in mind that the grounds may be bumpy and wet so the pram or buggy may not perform how it normally does on a smooth surface. We would advise using baby slings / carriers as it may be easier.


Are dogs allowed?

I’m afraid dogs are not allowed at our event.

Do you have baby changing?

Yes, we have 2 toilets with baby changing facilities.

Where do we go when we arrive?

The entrance to our pumpkin event will be obvious. We will also have signs out.

Do I have to come at the time I booked?

Yes, where possible, please try to arrive within your 30-minute window. 

For example, if you booked 10am, please arrive by 10:30am.


What happens if I am late?

Sometimes things can happen like traffic or you forget something.

Please arrive as close to your booked time slot as possible.


What happens if I can’t make it?

We understand plans change but our pumpkin tickets are non-refundable or swappable. If you can no longer make the event, please offer your tickets to a family member or friend, just ask them to use your name to check in.


Will there be food and drink?

Yes, our cake, baby snacks / pouches and drinks menu will be available as normal. However we will be serving this from outside. We will also have bacon baps and hot dogs available too plus sandwiches for little ones.


Can we bring our own food and drinks in?

Please do not bring your own food and drink to our event. Baby milk and water bottles are allowed.


What if it’s really bad rain / weather when we are due to arrive?

For any extra bad weather – please check our social media. 

We will post any updates regarding the event on our Facebook/Instagram stories.

We hope you have the best time! 

Don't forget to take lots of photos and please tag us on socials!


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